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We find your info faster than you can

Store and access your information with a click.

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are added to the internet daily – that's 2.5 multiplied by a billion, twice. A single typed letter already represents one byte. Massive amounts of referenceable information are being stored offline or on local drives.

Contrary to data stored on the Cloud or in emails, local information is neither archived nor arranged, let alone powered by a search engine. And so it's challenging to find it quickly.

Many employees use their laptops or client's mail address as digital filing cabinets. This bad habit is little, if not regulated at all, when storing valuable company information.

It's also not foolproof, and finding the correct information when needed might not always be possible. Every piece of data will then need to be requested or found elsewhere and can sometimes just be lost.

Finally, with no control over the hardware, if anything happens to an employee's laptop, sensitive company information can be compromised or permanently irretrievable – a less-than-ideal scenario.

That’s why Docberry provides a smart repository and knowledge management system for documents of all kinds, ensuring you keep control of your data and never lose any information.

Access information in every language.

We are your trusted partner

Information is stimuli that have meaning in some context for the person that receives them. When information is stored or treated in a computer, it is called data. When information is used or compiled to understand things, it becomes knowledge.   

The information allows us to grasp more effectively the world that surrounds us.  

At Docberry, we think information is the fuel that powers your company. We made it our job to provide companies with insightful data and help them take their best decisions.

When we take on a new client, one of the most significant challenges is understanding what solutions will work best for them. We have assisted clients with:

  • Improved processes and procedures, including manual tasks.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency.

  • More accurate pinpointing of data and extraction of information.

Docberry is a product of the Docmatic company. Read more about our company on our website at

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