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What if millions of dollars were buried in your documents?


In an era driven by data, the next logical step is a way to organise it all!

There's value in the data you can't see!

Every day your company generates thousands of gigabytes of data and information through emails, logs, contracts, reports or studies.

Every week, your employees waste 1/3 of their time browsing, collecting, searching, and managing information.

This situation is the result of old-fashion and non-user-friendly document storage systems.

With Docberry you can
change the status quo and never lose any bit of information again!

Unlock the full power of your repository now!

Let Your Data Do The Work For You!

Docberry builds Smart Repository and Knowledge Management Systems around your company’s unique needs!


Don’t browse through tons of pages, files and pieces of information to find a single document. Docberry’s smart repository will find what you’re looking for in moments when you need to pull statements or invoices quickly.


Carefully archiving critical legal documents is essential. Docberry's KMS (Knowledge Management System) will alert you when the terms of your contracts and agreements expire or when it's time to renew them. Eliminate the stress of missed deadlines and dates of termination, once and for all!


When multiple parties need access to a single document, Docberry will efficiently manage and regulate your platform users' access while protecting and safeguarding sensitive information like patents.

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It's time to start thinking about your knowledge
management system!

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The Ultimate Knowledge Management System

Your data makes sense.

With Docberry, you can structure how you store documents and access information. You can locate the information you need instantly.

Stop wasting hours searching for relevant pieces of information and historical documentation such as contracts. With Docberry’s smart repository, you can find what you need in seconds and never lose sight of a single bit of information.



Docberry analyses every format of documents (PDF, scans, images, text documents, Excel, Google Docs...) so you can search your entire document collection by using keywords, their declensions and synonyms.

Docberry connects the dots.

With Docberry’s AI, we’ll help you quickly extrapolate your information to find what's relevant. Using data such as people and company names, dates, places, and numbers, we can quickly contextualise how every piece of information fits in your organisation.


Docberry's features include:

  • Storing thousands of unstructured documents from all business sectors within seconds.

  • Creating different levels of access for the users.

  • Extracting crucial information and sorting easily your documents with tags.

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